Senior Pastor and Wife: Nathan and Valerie Holt

Pastor Nate was licensed to preach in 1997 and has been pastoring for 23 yrs. In 2005 He was called to Living Water Baptist Church as the Youth Pastor and in 2008 the Lord called him to be the Senior Pastor.  Pastor Nate has taken Bible courses through The Masters Seminary and The Institute of Expository Preaching. It is his sincere desire  to encourage God's people into a deeper love relationship with Jesus  through faithful expository preaching and verse-by-verse study of the Bible, and to encourage lost men and women to come to know the Salvation that only Jesus can bring.

Youth Leader and Wife: Mark and Trina Sturgeon

Deacons and Wives:

Steve and Barbra Espinoza

Jerry and Kathie Linsay

Calvin and Darlene Davis

Treasurer: Kim Searcy